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The Grand Canyon by Helicopter From Las Vegas

I wasn’t flying myself, so while it doesn’t entirely fit in with the theme of my blog, I couldn’t resist writing about my recent Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas. I’m going to keep it short and let...

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Interviewing Mike From Hobo with a Laptop

Mike’s a seasoned internet marketer and has recently started writing about his digital nomad lifestyle, behind the scenes. With Mike now helping others jump into the “roaming economy”, I couldn’t resist...

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The Cheapest Visa Run From Chiang Mai

The Cheapest Chiang Mai visa run, why would you need to know that? Well, do I have story to tell about that. There will come a time for most travellers when any of the following will happen: You find...

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First Solo Flight – What to Expect

  First solo flight. It's a hot topic among new student pilots. I found myself being quizzed by the student and thought it might be worth writing about the experience. It's a good question. A first...

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Throw Everything Away and be Happy

Becoming a minimalist. This post is not so much of a how to become a minimalist. It is partly  a "why to". This is a description of the symptoms you experience once you throw everything away. Quite a...

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Interviewing Gina From Jet Set and Forget

11July, 2018I recently had the chance to interview Gina who owns, a sterling site which showcases the real possibilities of life on the road while maintaining health and happiness.Q1....

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